Le Challenge, Le procès du pétrole en Amazonie

The Challenge, Oil on trial in Amazonia

Interactive investigation directed by Laëtitia Moreau.

Film produced for the web, and adapted for Digital Stories technology.


Amazonia has long been considered the lung of our planet. A lung afflicted by a cancer which costs hectares of forest and human lives every day. This cancer is the exploitation of its subsoil.
In Ecuador, the oil company Texaco has exploited the Lago Agrio region for almost 30 years without respecting minimum environmental standards. It has spilt the equivalent of 30 times the cargo of the Exxon Valdez.
A web documentary project in the style of 'films where you are the hero'. The project involves inviting internet users (or active spectators), to take on the role of an independent journalist and investigate the exploitation of oil in the Amazonia region of Ecuador.


Produced by What’s up Films and Honkytonk Films, with the participation of Canal+ Interactive.



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